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Explore real-life examples of we helped media companies integrate ESG into their operations, manage risks, and identify new opportunities for sustainable growth.

Media agencies can help shape the reputation of companies across industries. By measuring their own carbon footprint and prioritizing sustainability, these agencies can set an example for their clients and position themselves as leaders in their field. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to companies and consumers, and agencies that prioritize it can attract clients who value environmentally-conscious practices.

Case Study: Brands2Life

Brands2Life is a global communications agency with offices in the UK and US that helps clients tell their stories through strategic campaigns, digital engagement, and creative content.

Brands2Life produced a blog post detailing the "why", "how, and "what" of their carbon assessment and pathway to net zero. You can read more about it here
The Challenge

Brands2Life faced the challenging task of balancing the demand for sustainable business, with the risk of greenwashing. They needed help to navigate this tricky balance, and to communicate their findings. They needed to:

  • Meet the growing client demand for sustainable communication services and reporting.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility in a world where consumerism dominates.
  • Attract and retain talent who value sustainability and social impact.
  • Reduce their operational costs and improve efficiency through sustainable business practices.
The Solution

Collaborating with Alectro enabled Brand2Life to accomplish the following:

  • Expedited measurement of its carbon emissions profile, effectively identifying emission hotspots and areas with significant environmental impact.
  • Gained insight into the suppliers' contributions and implemented strategies to align the supply chain with net-zero aspirations.
  • Fostered employee engagement throughout the sustainability journey, taking their valuable feedback into account to drive continuous improvements in the future.
  • Identified events that had proportionally large emissions attached to them.
  • Made deliberate choices of global offset projects that corresponded with the Sustainable Development Goals favoured by employees, thus getting their active support and participation.

They were also able to get results in weeks, whereas alternative solutions would have taken months.

The Impact

After working with Alectro, they were able to:

  • Improved their brand reputation and differentiation, leading to increased client retention and acquisition.
  • Drive cost savings from reduced energy consumption, waste reduction, and more sustainable procurement practices.
  • Improved employee satisfaction and retention, leading to higher productivity and reduced recruitment costs.
  • Help their clients to navigate the tricky balance between sustainable consumption and greenwashing.

In summary, this has enabled Brands2Life to showcase a robust commitment to long-term sustainability and establish itself as an industry leader in operational sustainability, which places it in a favourable position to drive change within the broader industry.

You can download the full case study here.

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