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Explore real-life examples of we helped financial services companies integrate ESG into their operations, manage risks, and identify new opportunities for sustainable growth.

Financial services companies care about ESG because of the increasing demand from investors for socially responsible investments, ESG risks that impact financial performance, regulatory requirements, and opportunities to invest in sustainable companies.

Case Study: Moneybox

Moneybox is a UK-based app that aims to make investing easy and accessible for everyone. Users can round up their everyday purchases and invest the spare change into a range of investment options.

Turn your money into something greater with Moneybox. Save, invest, buy a home, and build a retirement fund. All with one award-winning app. Capital at risk.
The Challenge

Moneybox faced the challenging task of engaging with sustainability for some key reasons. They needed to:

  • Understand the impact of their operations and services on the environment.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce their carbon emissions and operate more sustainably.
  • Meet the increasing demand from consumers and investors for transparency in environmental reporting and performance.
  • Align with global efforts to mitigate climate change and contribute to a low-carbon economy.
The Solution

By working with Alectro, Moneybox was able to:

  • Rapidly measure its carbon emissions profile, identifying emission hotspots and high-impact areas.
  • Understand the impact of the suppliers they work with and take action to align the supply chain with net-zero goals.
  • Engage all employees in the journey and take employee feedback into consideration to make improvements in future years.
  • Choose global offset projects that align with the Sustainable Development Goals that employees want to support.

Moneybox was able to get results in weeks, whereas alternative solutions would have taken months.

The Impact

After working with Alectro, Moneybox was able to:

  • Publicly report their carbon emissions with full transparency and confidence in the analysis methods.
  • Implement remote work policies to reduce the carbon impact of employee travel and commuting.
  • Implement energy-efficient measures in their office and data centers to reduce their energy consumption and lower their utility bills.

Overall, this allowed Moneybox to demonstrate its commitment to long term sustainability, and attract environmentally-conscious customers, employees, and investors.

You can download the full case study here.

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