Brands We Love: Honest Mobile

April 20, 2022


At Alectro, we’re constantly on the lookout for sustainable alternatives to everyday things. This is an opportunity to share the brands that we love and that are making the world a greener place to live.

We caught up with Andy Aitken, CEO and co-founder at Honest, to discuss how they’re rewriting what you should expect from your mobile provider.

I’ve been with my mobile provider for the past 10 years. TEN!! The price of my contract has more than doubled in that time. I’ve also had an ongoing issue with them for the past 6 months which I can’t sort out because it takes me 3 hours to speak to someone if I ever need to. Doesn’t sound ideal, right?

That's where Honest comes in. The mobile industry is dominated by big companies like EE, Vodafone and O2 - but Honest offers such a refreshing experience when you compare it with them. By the end of this article you might be asking yourself why you haven’t already made the switch!

Here’s Andy, answering our questions:

Why does Honest Mobile exist?

“The last decade has seen challenger brands disrupt the energy and banking sectors by prioritising customer care and sustainability over high prices and long inflexible contracts.

Josh and I started Honest because we wanted to do the same to improve people’s mobile experience. Mobile networks have spent decades tying us into complicated contracts, overcharging us for being loyal customers and leaving us on hold if there’s an issue.

We knew there had to be a better way, so we founded Honest!”

What key things does Honest do best?

"First, we reward loyalty with savings. Your loyalty discount will drop your bill each month until you reach our max discount. We’ll also let you know if you’re overpaying - we’ll send you a message in the app if you’re not using all your data - that way you’re always paying a fair price for what you use.

We also think speaking to a real human is important if you have an issue, so you can chat to someone in 30 seconds if you ever need to.

We are also changing the way a mobile providing company operates: we’re carbon negative (more on that later), we’re a Living Wage Employer, and a B-corp. You can find us (at the top) in The Good Shopping Guide’s Mobile Phone Networks rating table here.

Honest Mobile B-corp

Find out more about Honest's B-corp Certification here.

Can you tell us more about your sustainability initiatives?

“Sure! The technology industry is responsible for around 3.7% of greenhouse gases – that’s around the same amount as global aviation, but it's rarely spoken about. This is going to get worse as more money is invested into tech — by 2040, the communication sector could contribute a whopping 14% of global emissions.

To make sure we’re part of the solution we’re doing a lot!

As a company, we’re carbon negative: we remove all the carbon our network emits twice over through afforestation, Biochar and Direct Air Capture. As a tech business we think it’s important to invest in these innovative carbon capture technologies and demonstrate best practices.

In addition to that we’re also a member of 1% for the Planet which means 1% of our revenue goes towards planting trees for each of our customers, helping them to offset their own personal carbon footprint. We work with TreeSisters to promote all the awesome things trees do beyond capturing carbon.TreeSisters tree planting projects focus on women’s empowerment, community building, promoting biodiversity, and preventing soil erosion. You can even track how many trees you’ve planted in the Honest Mobile App.

We’re also working towards stopping carbon from being emitted in the first place. To do this, we’re working with our existing suppliers to encourage them to move to renewable energy and talking to new suppliers who can help us to achieve this goal more quickly.”

What are the trends in the industry?

When it comes to sustainability, there’s not much going on from others in the industry right now. However, as a consumer facing industry it feels inevitable that it's an industry open to greenwashing. This is something we’re trying to combat by being as transparent as we can with what we’re doing.

As we've pushed sustainability it does feel like others have begun to do more, so we’ll see what happens.“

What’s next for Honest and what can we get excited about?

“We’re trying to formalise our net-zero certification at the moment. We remain committed to this and want to be a leader with our actions.


We’re also working hard to make sure that we can improve the signal for those in the most tricky connection locations around the UK. Honest already has 99.8% coverage of the UK outdoor population, but we’re trying to make it even better!”

Thanks again to Honest Mobile for talking to us - we're looking forward to sharing the next in our Brands We Love series before too long!

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