Brands We Love: Clean Living International

9th November, 2022


At Alectro, we’re constantly on the lookout for sustainable alternatives to everyday items. This is an opportunity to share the brands that we love and that are making the world a greener place.

Clean Living International is on a mission to help people keep their homes clean, and the planet clean, too.

Many people are unaware of the harsh toxins in the chemical solutions of household cleaning products, or the amount of waste associated with its packaging. That is why Clean Living has created a range of non-toxic products that don’t harm aquatic life, reduce single-use plastic, and also help to reduce its customers' carbon footprint.

We caught up with Sue Caldwell, Managing Director at Clean Living, to discuss how they’re changing the world of cleaning supplies.

Why does Clean Living International exist?

β€œOur journey started in 2017 when Gill Hamilton, our biochemist, was seeking a way to make a difference in the world, focussing on how people clean their homes.

Gill had a fantastic range of eco-cleaning products including some biological products. She began by promoting those products in the commercial market but later became increasingly aware that these products were needed in the domestic market.

This is because people wanted to reduce the use of toxic chemicals and reduce their impact on the environment at the same.”

The Clean Living logo captures a heart, a home and the planet which showcases what they stand for the most.

β€œOur vision is a world in which people clean their homes with a conscience. We are really committed to keeping homes clean, improving people’s health and helping the planet.

Our mission is to encourage everyone to clean in a healthier and more environmentally responsible way, through education and the provision of plant-derived and refillable products.”

Clean Living aluminium refillable bottles reduce the amount of plastic wasted once the product has been used.

What key things does Clean Living do best?

Our products

Boundless uses activation to create its products, a method which involves soaking nuts and seeds in water. This process reduces levels of phytic acid which causes a bitter taste, whilst also increasing the bioavailability of nutrients and the nutritional value of grains.


β€œWe are very much ahead of the game with our formulations making the process of cleaning easier, and we are continuously working on our range. We want to harness the power of nature giving a superior clean in comparison to other traditional cleaning products.

We offer a carbon-reducing refill subscription service for our products that is 100% customisable for our customers to purchase as much and as frequently as they need.”

To date, Clean Living International has won many awards for its products. The company most recently won 8 categories in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 including Best Eco Cleaning Brand, Best Eco Kitchen Cleaner and Best Zero Waste Product (Home). Clean Living was awarded Best Eco Cleaning Heroes Winner by the GLAMOUR UK Wellness Awards 2022 and Best Refillable Cleaning Products 2022 by Indy/Best Buy.


β€œWe do more than offering a product, we help to educate people on why making changes to their cleaning products is necessary, the importance of embracing this change, and how they can do this simply, easily and cost-effectively.

We are a direct sales business comprising a growing number of self-employed Brand Ambassadors building their own Clean Living businesses. This in turn helps us to spread our message and brand but also enables people to be a part of this business and build their own income and business.”

Charity work

Clean Living is working strongly towards its own sustainability journey and wants to help protect other aspects of our environment as well. The company gives 1% of its total revenues to the Born Free Foundation.

Clean Living donates 1% of its revenues to the Born Free Foundation which supports animal conservation as well as working to address climate change and biodiversity loss.

What are the trends in the cleaning industry?

Reduction of plastic waste

β€œA lot of cleaning products that we see in the supermarket are found in single-use plastic bottles or packaging. Awareness is increasing towards the impact that plastic can have on the environment. Therefore, more companies are focusing on reducing the amount of plastic they produce either by swapping it for other materials such as glass or using recycled plastics.

Reducing single-use products

β€œProducts such as wet wipes and kitchen rolls can often be overused in households. Most of the time, these products are used once and never again which is why they are known as single-use and often can create huge amounts of waste which are damaging to the environment."

Refill products

β€œBe that food or cleaning, refillable products are becoming more popular in the industry as customers are more aware of the waste they are producing. Refillable products allow customers to reduce their waste and impact, especially for goods which they are purchasing regularly."

What’s next for Clean Living and what new initiatives should we get excited about?

At Clean Living, they want to make various changes to how they work including:

  • Eliminate energy waste
  • Reuse containers and jars
  • Install rainwater tanks
  • Start composting

Overall, the company wants to help people to use more natural cleaning products whilst equally educating how chemicals can damage the environment. The company is working on increasing its product range to facilitate this and to help tackle climate change one step at a time.

Thanks so much to Sue for taking the time to talk to us about Clean Living's sustainability journey and future.

If you're interested in finding out more, make sure to keep an eye on their socials @cleanlivingint and visit their website for updates or more information!

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